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Blog posts and court cases posted by Tcherneshoff Consulting, Inc. Court Cases posted are ones that we think are interesting and have help shaped the lives of people with disabilities. Tcherneshoff Consulting, Inc. is an Americans with Disabilities Act consulting firm based in north Alabama.

Hall vs Florida

In Hall vs Florida, decided upon in May of last year, the Supreme Court said that an IQ test is not enough to decide if someone is intellectually disabled. Before this case, it was thought that a person who scored under 70 on an IQ test was intellectually disabled, but someone who scored higher could not be. The general counsel of the American Physiological Association stated that other factors must be taken in, such as an individual's adaptive functioning, to decide their mental level. Another step was taken forward from this case. The Supreme Court deemed it inappropriate to continue citing people as "mentally retarded" and from then forward should be referred to as "intellectually disabled". 

The story behind this ruling can be found here: