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Blog posts and court cases posted by Tcherneshoff Consulting, Inc. Court Cases posted are ones that we think are interesting and have help shaped the lives of people with disabilities. Tcherneshoff Consulting, Inc. is an Americans with Disabilities Act consulting firm based in north Alabama.

Website Accessibility Compliance

Website accessibility is something that is overlooked a lot of the time by companies and organizations building their website. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that businesses and nonprofit services providers make accessibility accommodations so that the disabled public have access to the same material as others. Examples of how to make a website compliant would be adding  captions to videos, adding audio descriptions, creating links to videos instead of only embedding, ensuring that the page does not contain repeating flashing images or strobe effects, including a 'skip navigation' button, among others things. 

The most recent case posted on has to do with website compliance: