The Cut Cut Cut Act

Yes everyone, this is the name of the House Republican tax bill that is currently being dragged through. President Trump has donned it its name, but there is reporting that the "cut cut cut act" will actually not cut taxes, but raise them for 25% of the American population. Alas, we aren't here to discuss taxes, but a portion of this bill that is being overlooked by many members of Congress.

Sec. 3407

in the proposed bill is for the repeal of credit for expenditures to provide access to disabled individuals. We posted about this tax credit this spring on our blog. You can recap it here, but what it basically is is a way to get more small businesses in compliance with the ADA, and helps them along the way with some of the financial burden. This affects a minute portion of the nation. Small businesses, those with no more than $1mil in gross receipts or no more than 30-full time employees, can claim a credit for expenditures no higher than $5,000 a year.

This tax credit is not a burden on our economy, but helps to encourage many businesses to make their building accessible. Which, in turn, leads to more business for these businesses, boosting the economy. 

Under this provision, in the new Cut Cut Cut Act, this program will be completely cut. (Hey, at least one portion of the act is living up to it's name). The provision would be effective starting 2018. You can read the entire bill here

Let us know your thoughts on this and any other sections that might pertain to the ADA/affect people with disabilities or businesses.